Unreleased song by Lorde
Released Unreleased
Recorded 2012 or 2013
Length 4:10
Producers Joel Little
Genres N/A
Label Unreleased
From Unreleased track off Pure Heroine
Unreleased Chronology
"Good Fights" "Lost Boys"

"Good Fights" is an unreleased song by New Zealand singer Lorde. She sometimes performed it on tour.


"Good Fights" was most likely a scrapped song originally meant for Pure Heroine, but never made the cut. Lorde sometimes performed the song on her world tour.

A fan made a "remastered" version of the song, (, with the length of 4:10.[1] Later, a petition was made for Lorde to release a studio version of the song. The petition is currently closed at 48 signs. [2]

Some fans believed the song would be included on her sophomore album, Melodrama. That was later proved false, as "Good Fights" was in fact absent from the album. In 2017, Lorde revealed that there were a number of unreleased songs that one day might see the light of day. "Good Fights" could possibly be one of these songs.


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These lyrics have not been confirmed by the singer of this song. Please do not assume lyrics are official.

[Verse 1]
There’s no love, tell your friends
You don’t really love them, but
You really love when
Raise your hair and give in
You can try to get in to the place where it ends
Where everything ends, it spins again

Oh, till it comes all this way, just two broken hearts
Oh, you can feel sorry for there are people in your mind
Oh, nothing feels close, even when you don’t feel alright
It’s alright, it’s alright
Everyone stay up like a good fight

[Verse 2]
There a place in your head for what doesn't
Make sense, for the things you don’t get
Look them up when you get it
You can try to get in, but rejected again
Laugh it off again, I guess so well

[Chorus + Post-Chorus]

Incurred on to bright green eyes
You still love to spend up time
Driving like a car in the moonlights out
Oh, we move side by side
Some times we play, we play and play
Examine love, freak face
Oh, it's good again



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