Lorde Melodrama album cover 2017 03 02
Song by Lorde
Released June 16 2017
Recorded 2015/16
Length 2:16
Producers Lorde
Jack Antonoff
Genres Artpop
Label Lava Records, Republic Records
From Melodrama
"Supercut" "Liability (Reprise)" "Perfect Places"

"Liability (Reprise)"  is a song from Lorde's sophomore album, Melodrama.


On May 18th, Lorde released the track list for Melodrama and "Liability (Reprise)" was the tenth song on the list.

Writing and background

"Liability (Reprise)" is a sister song to "Liability", as "reprise" refers to a "repeated passage in music". The song shows Lorde realizing she is not a liability anymore, as with "you are not what you thought you were". About the meaning Lorde commented:

“I went into thinking I knew what I was doing and thinking I knew exactly who I was at that moment and what I was going to do and the process has been very confronting and intense and awesome and emotional and it turned out that I wasn’t who I thought I was after all.”[1]

Live Performances

On September 26, she performed the song at the Manchester 02 Apollo for her Melodrama World Tour.


I'm a liability
I'm a liability
(much for me)
You're a little much for me, no no no no
What you gonna do (oh)
All of the dreams that get harder
All of the things that I offer you
And all of the sh-t that we harbour
Make all of the kids in the choirs sing woo-hoo
Maybe all this is the party
Maybe the tears and the highs we breathe
Maybe all this is the party
Maybe we just do it violently

But you're not what you thought you were
But you're not what you thought you were
But you're not what you thought you were
Much for me
But you're not what you thought you were

You leave




== ==

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