This page contains a policy of the Lorde Wiki. Editors should review these guidelines prior to editing articles.

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Images are an important part of articles, for they showcase the main part of the article, and they add more to design and theme of the wiki.

General guidelines

Before adding an image to the article, look over these guidelines:

  • Is the image relevant? I.e, do not add the cover of "Melodrama" to a "Pure Heroine" article.
  • The size for album covers/song covers MUST be sized 220x220px. Images for persons MUST be sized 220x440px.
  • For unreleased albums/songs, use the photo "Unreleased.jpg"

Instances where image is unavailable:

  • If you cannot find an image for the article's subject, insert the image "Mic-icon 150x150".

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