Melodrama World Tour
Melodrama World Tour Lorde.jpg
Tour by Lorde
Associated album Melodrama
Start date September 26, 2017
End date April 18, 2018
Legs 3
Shows 60
Lorde tour chronology
The Lorde Tour Melodrama World Tour
"Melodrama World Tour" is a world tour that Lorde will embark on in September to promote her sophomore album, Melodrama.


Lorde will embark on this world tour in September, with tickets and tour dates here Kahlid will be the supporting act.[1]

Set List

The exact set list is unknown, but a photo showing the set list for Coachella might be used for the overall world tour. The songs are:

But this has not been confirmed yet, and may have only been the set list for her performance at Coachella.


  1. Lorde - Melodrama Tour - Lorde


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