Song by Lorde
Released September 27, 2013
Recorded 2012/13
Length 2:19
Producers Joel Little
Genres Art pop, pop
Label Lava, Republic, UMG
From "Pure Heroine (Extended)"
Pure Heroine (Extended) Chronology
"Bravado" "Million Dollar Bills" "The Love Club"

"Million Dollar Bills" is a the 13th track from Lorde's debut studio album, Pure Heroine (only featured on the extended version) and her debut EP The Love Club EP.


Writing and Composition

"Million Dollar Bills" was written by Lorde (credited under Ella Yelich O'Connor) and Joel Little. It was released along with the EP The Love Club EP and later on the debut studio album Pure Heroine (Extended). It is a electropop, alternative and indie song going for a length of 2 minutes and 19 seconds. Lorde later commented on the song saying "I'm the kind of artist that writes something and thinks it's cool for like 48 hours and then hates it".


Chart Performance

"Million Dollar Bills" peaked at number 29 on US Rock Songs Chart.


[Verse 1]
There's nothing I want but money in time
Million dollar bills in a tick tick tick tick
There's nothing more cruel
Than only nine lives
A limit in spite
Will do the trick trick trick trick

We can leave the house, lead the party, let the people know
Go drown the colors of our minds and watch the cars go

[Verse 2]
There's nothing as fun as coming untied
And running with the kids in the park park park park
There's nothing that's hurt like letting you go
It's like a bird eyes in the dark dark dark dark


It's not about just being out with all our people
Cause we can get in trouble just by going free flow
And now I'm letting you know and now I'm letting you know
And now I'm letting you know and now I'm letting you know



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