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The Lorde Tour
World tour by Lorde
Associated album Pure Heroine
Lorde tour chronology
The Lorde Tour Melodrama World Tour

The Lorde Tour was a world tour that Lorde embarked on to promote her debut album, Pure Heroine. She began the tour in 2014 and ended sometime in 2015.

Set List

  1. "Glory and Gore"
  2. "Biting Down"
  3. "Tennis Court"
  4. "White Teeth Teens"
  5. "Buzzcut Season"
  6. "Swingin Party"
  7. "Still Sane"
  8. "400 Lux"
  9. "Bravado"
  10. "Easy (Switch Screens)"
  11. "Ribs"
  12. "Royals"
  13. "Team"
  14. "A World Alone"


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