Tove Lo
Tove Lo (2) By Daniel Åhs Karlsson.jpeg
Full name

Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson


29 October 1987


Djursholm, Sweden (born in Stockholm)

Stage Names

Tove Lo


Lorde (friend)

Tove Lo is a co-writer of Lorde's sophomore album Melodrama, being a co writer for the song "Homemeade Dynamite".

Background of relationship with Lorde

Lorde has a history of praising Tove Lo, sometimes posting screenshots of her listening to Tove Lo's songs. She is one of the co-writers of Melodrama, being credited as a co-writer for the song "Homemade Dynamite". In August, she performed "Homemade Dynamite" with Lorde at a concert.

Background of Tove Lo

Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson was born on 29 October 1987 in Stockholm, Sweden. Lo grew up in the affluent Djursholm district of Danderyd Municipality, just north of Stockholm. She describes her childhood as being "very protected" and her family as "pretty posh" In an interview with the BBC, she explained, "Growing up so safe, I think I was looking for something else".

Lo then developed a love for music and formed a girl band with her friends. With the band, she wrote her first song at age 10 or 11. By age 15, Lo had written a compilation of lyrical content which "nobody ever saw" and had performed twice on stage, before enrolling at Rytmus Musikergymnasiet, a musical school in Stockholm. During her time at Rytmus, Lo developed a friendship with Caroline Hjelt, who would later form the Swedish duo Icona Pop. After two years, Lo graduated from the school and felt assured that her career would be in music despite her parents preferring otherwise.

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